Observational Series 2 - Digital video, 98 mins, colour, sound, 2010-15/Blue Boat/ short extract

This series of videos builds on the film work made in the 1970’s called Observational Series. They were filmed in Super 8 as 3 minute continuous takes of different kinds of natural phenomena. The new ongoing series takes advantage of the flexibility of a hand held HD digital video camera which enables a quicker and more intuitive response to changing phenomena, for example to changing light or moments of transformation in ‘real time’ in events or occurrences which happen in landscape time/space. New also to this series is the filming of selected ‘objects’ in ‘real time’ within the landscape. These representations in digital video provide a different kind of phenomenological viewing experience. They present some questions concerning video and the represented light from objects recorded in space/time in continuous duration – the nature of the light of objects?

The video series will be ongoing and more will be added when appropriate. It is the intention to film the series in shorter continuous takes in comparison to the longer durations of my other video work.



John Woodman

98 minutes, sound/silent, 16:9

Original format: HD video

Available format: HD video file

A series of 20 short videos in HD each between 3-7 minutes filmed in continuous duration, each made over a 5 year period from 2010-15. They follow on as a second series to my original OBSERVATIONAL SERIES made on Super 8 in 1978 . They are dedicated to the life and work of the A.L Rees.

BLUE BOAT – 5.50 mins. sound, 2011

BEECH TREE- (extract) 4.38 mins. sound, 2010

SARCOPHAGUS- 3.06 mins. sound, 2011

IT CAME TO PASS- 2.58 mins. sound, 2011

CONISTON- 5.03 mins. sound,2011

CLOUDS OVER ST.PAUL’S- 4.03 mins. silent, 2014,

CIMIEZ MONASTERY- 3.01 mins. silent, 2013

WOOD- 4.25 mins. sound, 2011

MATISSE’S DOUBT- 3.30 mins. silent, 2013

FIELDS IN WINTER- 3.21 mins. sound, 2012

CATHEDRAL- 7.09 mins. silent, 2014

CORNFIELD 1- 5.20 mins. silent, 2013

MORNING RAIN- 3.16 mins. sound, 2012

RUSKIN’S POND-DENMARK HILL (extract)- 5.01 mins. silent, 2011

SUNDAY MORNING- 3.59 mins. sound, 2012

WINTER LIGHT- 7.10 mins. sound, 2015

SANCTUARY- 5.15 mins. silent, 2014

AFTER VERMEER- 5.37 mins. silent, 2012

MOUNTAIN CLOUD- 6.23 mins. sound, 2012