John Woodman is an experimental film and video artist working with landscape and the environment including installations, publications and the photographic medium.

Welcome to my website which includes clips from a selection of my early landscape films made in the late 1970’s and early 80’s in 16mm and Super 8. The website now includes video clips of more recent work selected from the period 2010-22. Work has also been included from photographic commissions, film installations and publications made in collaboration with Roger Polley, spanning a period of 20 years.

My current work continues with some of the concerns of my earlier films investigating, through the observation of landscape and natural phenomena, issues concerning representation, duration and perception, mostly using a fixed frame and handheld camera.

The videos explore interests in time-space and light focussing on visual transformation, change and transience. Working in ‘real time’ particular emphasis is given to the way in which, through time, changes in light, weather and season affect our perception of space and place in film.

The consideration of of reflexivity and the spectators phenomenological experience of viewing and contemplating video and film of long continuous duration is an important aspect of this work

Cornfield - 2013