OBSERVATIONAL SERIES Super 8 19 minutes colour silent 1978-79/short extract

This series of films consists of six 3 minute ‘real time’ continuous takes (a Super 8 film reel) of different kinds of natural phenomena. Each film is an observational study, using a Super 8 camera, of different types of movement within the landscape, selected for the distinctive and contrasting ways in which they register on film. Film stock, colour, focus and framing, and especially the frame edges, played an important part in this.

One of the significant aspects of this film work is the simplicity of its structure in which each of the films in the series share a common duration and are intended to be viewed in their entirety. Filmed, projected and viewed in ‘real time/space’ they provide 6 three minute takes of film for observation and contemplation.

The series contains: film of light on moving water; sky and clouds; a reflection in a stream; grasses in the wind; movement of tree branches and rain on a pond surface.