November Morning Digital video 12’ 13 colour sound 2010 / short extract

Continuing with an exploration of landscape film and issues of observation and representation, November Morning contributes to an ongoing philosophical film/video enquiry into time-space and an interest in the physics and metaphysics of light. Particularly in the way in which through time, changes in light and season, affect the way in which we perceive space.

Through a long continuous take filmed on a cold November morning in Cumbria, UK. The video presents the spectator with a ‘real time’ phenomenological experience of change, transience and transformation. As the mist begins to clear more of the landscape is gradually perceived. The mist also works as a screen to both reveal and obscure the intensity of the suns light. Eventually the mist returns and once again the video space is changed. The hand held camera and the distinctive way in which this registers movement, together with the acknowledgement of the spectator/viewers position within the cinematic experience, have become important aspects of my video work. The possibility of chance is built into November Morning in both image and sound, especially ‘out of frame’ sound, allowing for unpredictable phenomena to occur throughout the duration of recording. The spectators’ perception and phenomenological viewing experience is an intrinsic aspect of this work, both in the observation of what is occurring on screen and in self observation.