Magnolia Tree and Pink Digital video 10’ 31 colour sound 2011 / short extract

In a long continuous take of a view through a  window into the Courtyard Garden of a hotel in Collioure, South West France. Magnolia Tree and Pink presents the spectator with a ‘real time’ phenomenological experience of observation and change. The experience of duration and the idea of  ‘waiting’ as a spectator within the cinema in anticipation for ‘something’ to unfold on screen, mirrors the activity which is represented on video, ‘somebody‘ waiting for ‘somebody‘ else.

The video was made in Collioure, South West France, renowned for its special luminous quality of light, it brought Matisse, Derain, Picasso and Dufy to paint there followed by many others. However this time it is the quality of light and celebration of colour recorded by digital video which is the concern.

The hand held camera and the way in which it registers movement in relation to the static window frame and reference to the process of video making, and acknowledgement of the spectators position within the cinematic experience, are  important aspects of this work. The possibility of chance is purposely built into the recording process allowing for unpredictable phenomena to occur throughout the period of shooting. The spectators’ perception and phenomenological viewing experience is an intrinsic aspect of this work both in the observation of what is occurring on screen and in self observation. The video continues an exploration of landscape film and issues of observation and representation and a philosophical film enquiry into time-space and light.