From From Seasons 16mm 11 minutes colour silent 4 screen 1977 / short extract

From Four Seasons is a four screen time-lapse film made as comparative study of changing light and movement in a garden shot in four seasons. The camera was positioned to frame a garden space by dividing it into four quarter sections one shot in the Summer and the other 3 in the Autumn, Winter and Spring. Each section of the film was shot ‘in camera’ as a time-lapse over a 24 hour period, including the night, at 1 frame every 25 seconds, creating a distinctive filmic register and viewing ‘rhythm’. Each film section was first projected on its own as a separate quarter, each moving sequentially in a clockwise direction within the projection area. In the last part of the film the four seasons are projected together to make up a whole image of the garden space.

From Four Seasons continued my exploration of time-space and representation in Landscape Film. Particularly in the way in which, through time, changes in light and seasonal difference affect our perception of space, both within the landscape and in its representation on film. The film was also made allowing for the possibility of unpredictable and chance elements to occur during the filming process.