BEECH TREE- APPEARANCE Digital video 49 minutes colour sound..2020/short extract

The Tree is fast becoming an important symbol for the anthropocene at this time of increasing climate change and our diminishing biodiversity.

BEECH TREE- APPEARANCE was made over a 10 year period from 2010-20 as a result of close observation of the tree at different times of the year.

The film explores differences in the representation of the tree and surrounding landscape as the tree image changes very slowly or becomes fully or partially obscured a result of the prevailing weather conditions. 

Changes as a result of the mist clearing brings the tree through slow transitions from visual obscurity to its gradual appearance, analogically similar to seeing an image develop on photographic paper in a print darkroom.

As the film was recorded hand held in long continuous takes and real time equivalents are intended between the recording and viewing time, with the possibility of the film becoming a reflexive and phenomenological viewing experience.

Of interest was the ways in which the film represents  differences in colour and spatial qualities as a result of changes in light and weather conditions.

Sound also plays an important part in the way in which the visual images are perceived especially the unpredicted ‘out of frame’ sound recording.