AFTER CANALETTO Digital video 12 minutes colour silent 2020/short extract

It was a hot sunny day in Venice, peering from the Rialto Bridge at a view which must be one of the most commonly shared scenes of the local topography.

Thinking about the colour, light and the beauty of Giovanni Canaletto’s paintings and the way in which he made use of his camera obscura and wondering how different it would have been in 1730.

Appropriately slowing the motorway like appearance of the Grand Canal and leisurely pace and movements of the Gondolas even further. And completely excluding the noise and bustle of tourists activity.

To contemplate the image in silence.

With reference to Canaletto’s:

Entrance to the Grande Canal, 1730

Rialto Bridge from the South, 1737

Grand Canal Looking South, 1738

Grand Canal Looking South West, ?

Twelve Views of the Grand Canal