Apertures, 1977, 8mins, 16mm, B/W, silent.
Light Movements, 1977, 11mins, 16mm, colour, silent.
Pear Tree, 1977,  14mins, Super8, colour, silent.
Dawn and Dusk, 1977, 8mins, 16mm, colour, silent.
From Four Seasons, 1977, 11mins, 16mm, colour, 4 screen, silent.
Time Flow, 1977, 8mins, 2 screen, colour, silent.
Beach Fragments, 1978, 6mins, Super8, colour, silent.
Observational Series,  1978, 18min, Super8, colour, silent.
Pebbles, 1979, 18mins, Super8, 2 screen, colour, silent.
Spider, 1979, 11mins, 16mm, colour, silent.
Bridge Farm, 1979, 7mins, 16mm, 2 screen, colour, silent.
Bridge, 1980, 10mins, 16mm, silent.
Reflections on my Shadow, 1980, 30mins, Super8, colour, silent.

Film installations by Roger Polley and John Woodman shown over a seventeen year period (1983-2000) in galleries and cinema venues throughout the UK and Europe.

Greenhouse, 1999, Roger Polley and John Woodman, 10’, sound, colour, video (VHS) and digital video.

Landscape Films-John Woodman 1977-1982, DVD (LUX, 2013). Includes an introduction by Malcolm Le Grice.
Film Installations 1979-1985, Roger Polley and John Woodman, DVD (in production).

November Morning, 2010  12’, Digital Video, sound. (Exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, Summer Show 2011 the 28th Kasseler Dokfest, Kassel, Germany, Nov.2011 and Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Festival of Expanded Media, Jan. 2012). Installation/exhibition of video shown at the Frankfurter Kunstverein, March 2013

After the Storm, 2010, 7’58, Digital Video, sound
Pass, 2011, 4’, Digital Video, sound (Observational Series 2)
Greetings from Collioure, 2011, 13’41, Digital Video, sound
Magnolia Tree and Pink, 2011, 10’31, Digital Video, sound
It Came to Pass, 2011, 2’58, Digital Video, sound. (Observational Series 2)
Sunspot, 2011, 10’44, Digital Video, sound
Blue Boat, 2011, 5’50, Digital Video, sound (Observational Series 2)
Sarcophagus, 2011, 3’06, Digital Video, sound (Observational Series 2)
Wood, 2011, 4’ 25, Digital Video, sound (Observational Series 2)
Coniston- October 2011, 5’03, Digital Video, sound (Observational Series 2)
Beech Tree (series), 2011-, 120’, Digital Video, sound (also in Observational Series 2)
Light of the Moon, 2011, Digital Video, sound
Ruskin’s Pond, 2011, 9’42, Digital Video, sound (extract from larger work premiered Brantwood, 2012)
Ruskin’s Ponds, 2012, 216’ 22 Digital video sections, sound, installation or 2 single screens
Fields in Mist, 2012, 13’22, Digital video, sound.
Fields in Winter, 2012, 2’31’ Digital video, sound, (Observational Series 2)
Morning Rain, 2012, 3’16, Digital video, sound, (Observational Series 2)
A Women Hanging Out Washing-After Vermeer, 2012, 5’37, Digital video, Sound
Sunday Morning, 2012, 3’59, Digital video, sound, (Observational Series 2)
Mountain Cloud, 2012, 6’23, Digital video, sound
Homage to the Sun, 2013, 13’49, Digital video, sound


Installation – ‘Landscape Films’ 2012, Oriel Henry Thomas Gallery, Carmarthen.
Installation- On Ruskin’s Pond, Brantwood, Cumbria, 2012
Forthcoming- ‘Scattered Showers- Forms of Weather’, Frankfurter Kunstverein, March 2013;
BFI- National Film Theatre, Environmental Agency: A Landscape Film Programme, March 2013