Roger Polley and John Woodman

Photographic Projects / Commissions

1979/80      ‘Coloured Lines’, Portholme Meadow, Huntington.

1981/82      ‘Ritual’, Coastline, Lyme Regis, Dorset.

1983/84      Commission: ‘Arboretum’, for E.M. Flint Gallery, Walsall.
                     Outcomes: Exhibition and publication of book, Structure of
                     Chance ISBN:0946652058

1986/89      The Dorset Stour.

1991/92      Commission:  ‘Visions and Patterns’, for Exeter City
                     Council in collaboration with Southwest Arts, University of
                     Plymouth and Television Southwest.
                     Outcomes: Exhibition and publication

1993/94      Commission: ‘Spirit of Nature; Poetry of the Earth’, For
                      Devon County Council and The Countryside Commission.
                      Outcomes: Exhibition and publication of book,
                      Spirit of Nature; Poetry of the Earth. ISBN: 0861148908

1995/96      Commission:  ‘Vision of Lincoln; Poetry of Place’, for
                     the Usher Gallery, Lincoln.
                     Outcomes: Photographic Installation for the Usher Galleries
                     national collection plus exhibition.

                    Commission:  ‘Fossil Forest’, for The Natural History Museum,
                    Brighton, as part of the Brighton Festival.
                    Outcomes: Exhibition
                   Commission:  ‘Sightlines’, for the Honiton Festival,Devon.
                   Outcomes: Installation, exhibition and publication

1997           Television Programme made depicting outcomes of photographic
                     projects and commissions and their relevance to the environment.
                     Broadcast on Television Southwest and Channel 4.

                     Commission:  ‘From Moors to Sea’ for Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.
                     Outcomes: Photographic installation for the new Plymouth
                     Hospital Cancer Wing.

1998/99      Commission:  ‘Mapping Saltburn’, for Saltburn Improvement Company and Northern Arts.
                     Outcomes: Exhibition and publication

1999           Commission:  ‘Surrey Hills’, Landscape Assessment for the Countryside Commission (R Polley).
                    Outcomes: Publication

2000/01      Commission: ‘River Lym and its Environment’ for the Royal
                     Devon and Exeter Hospital.
                     Outcomes: Photographic installation for Lyme Ward,  Royal Devon
                     and Exeter Hospital.